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Feder -  "THE ARBITER"


Krieger Armory Feder


When neither you nor your opponent are willing to concede.. let the sword decide





  • Weight: ~3lbs 5.0oz
  • Blade Length: 39"
  • Grip Length: (Without Pommel) 9.25" or 10"
  • Blade Material: 1075 Spring Steel
  • Crossguard Material: 1075 or 1095 Spring Steel
  • Pommel Material: 1045 Steel
  • Handle Core Material: PA-12 Nylon
  • Handle Wrap: Cord
  • Fully flexes at ~22lbs-23lbs of pressure against a scale


Our ARBITER feder blade features a sloping schilt design that sheds incoming strikes from the opponent's blade away from your hand to the crossguard. This blade has a narrowing profile taper that ends in our rev. 2 flattened spatulate tip. The edges are smoothly rounded for durability. The crossguard is exceptionally tough having been hardened and double tempered just as the blade. The grip is comfortably waisted and tightly wrapped in cord that is sealed with resin hardener. It provides a slightly aggresive texture to the cord and feels great in and out of gloves.

Choose your crossguard style, pommel style, handle color, handle length, hilt finish, and fullering preference.

Please Note: The fullered option is more than simple cosmetics. This design makes the blade feel slightly faster in the cut, but also slightly less strong in the bind. Please choose whichever options best suits your fighting style, if you're unsure please feel free to email us before buying if you have any questions.


[Available in the USA and Canada]

If you would like to us to ship your order to other countries, please email us first so we can estimate shipping for your entire order. Then we will send you an invoice.


Lead Time Information:

Please allow us 8-12 months to ship your sword.


Payment Options:

You can check out immediately with PayPal/Paypal Credit or with our Sqaure processing system.


Krieger Armory is not liable for injury or damage caused by proper or improper use of our products. All responsibility is assumed by the user.

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